NAP is defined as Name, Address, Phone. It is the most common way to represent a business citation online.

Today your business NAP is essential to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo for good local search rankings. Your name, address and phone number citations have great importance for building domain authority by search engines for local search; they want to ensure that these are valid because a lot of people rely upon quality search results.

NAPBusiness citations are an important consideration in search engine optimization. A citation refers to any reference to your business from other websites, blogs, etc. Your business citation does not require a link to your website. These citations help search engines find and rank local businesses. You need to ensure that your listing is legitimate, consistent and if possible exactly the same throughout the web.

Here are 3 important elements in making a choice of where to add your business citation or NAP.

  1. It should be relevant to your business niche.
  2. It should be relevant to the location of your business
  3. Consider the authority of the citation source eg. and have strong domain authority.

Applying these elements will definitely boost your local citations ranking in search engines. If you're targeting a local search ranking you need to ensure that you optimize your listing using local keywords. This is why you have to include your city together with your keywords example "keyword" + "city" to target it geographically.

The phone number you use is highly significant for your local search results; it is recommended that you use only one phone number for all your listings. However, if you need to use call tracking numbers you should use a code that tells the search engines not to index it.

Consistent NAP citations are vital for local search rankings, so you have to pay attention to your business citations and NAP make it sure that they are correct for a better local search results. At The ICT Shak, we offer an initial audit of your local NAP citations and then work with you to ensure all your NAP citations are current and correct building your local search results.

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