Why Use Joomla?

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

So, what is Joomla you ask?

Joomla is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) that allows for a solid foundation of a website that will grow with your business. Until you actually use a Joomla site that has been developed professionally, you can't really appreciate the advantages of using Joomla over Wordpress, or other CMS applications.

Being an Open Source project, Joomla is freely available to everyone, with perhaps the strongest Open Source CMS community.

Joomla LogoJoomla has a number of features and I will highlight just a few.

  • Create articles without ever having to go into the administration panel of the website
  • Strong SEO foundation
  • Completely flexible in its design and layout with modular capability


  • Offering Powerful E Commerce solutions
  • Limited only to the imagination as to the functionality possible

If you want to simply blog, then Wordpress is a good solution. But if you want a powerful CMS based website to allow for strong functionality then you can't go past using Joomla for your website design and development..

Some examples of the functionality of a Joomla Website include

  • E Commerce systems for a a full online shop experience

    • order management
    • storing customers data
    • order processing
    • wish list
    • inventory control
  • Online newsletters

    • completely managed by your website with no need for third party newsletter services like Mail Chimp etc
    • import users through CSV import
    • double opt-in
    • subscription by URL or module
    • unlimited mailing lists
    • subscription welcome message
    • multiple template management
    • "view online" and "forward" capability
    • full statistics including email opens, click tracking and email bounces.
  • Advertising management allowing your potential advertisers to manage their own advertising from the front end

    • geolocation for advertisements
    • multiple display zones on your site for advertisements
    • payment processors
    • reporting on click rates, number of impressions etc.
    • Various types of adds including banners, affiliates etc

If you are looking for a website solution with functionality, where your website can DO something for you, then I strongly recommend Joomla as a CMS website solution. Contact us to arrange for a no obligation proposal.