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Written by Margaret Shakibaie
SEO Coach

Do You Need a SEO Coach?

You have a great idea. You have setup your social media pages and a website. And now what? 

Currently there are millions of websites live on the internet. To achieve any ranking with the search engines relevant to your industry you need to ensure that the website and your social media pages are designed and developed within industry standards.

In a way that the search engines will know

  • what you offer
  • where you offer it 
  • how you offer your business services and products

Knowledge is the foundation to good results


A great looking website is not going to rank well on Google simply because it looks good.

What makes a website rank well on Google is simply building your website offering the best possible user experience by showing the user the information they require as easily and simply as possible. Combined with great quality, industry recognised websites linking to you.

SEO services can be expensive. Or they can be dangerous and have a long term negative effect on your internet presence. And the question is do they offer white hat or black hat SEO services.

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Engage a WEB or SEO Coach

The answer is to engage a web coach or a SEO coach. A SEO coach will empower you to manage the SEO of your website and social media platforms. Giving you the knowledge and working with you to apply this knowledge to your website and internet presence. As your business grows and the time comes to pass this work to a third party SEO service provider, you are ready with the knowledge of how SEO works to ensure that you engage an ethical white hat SEO service provider. One that isn't going to damage your online reputation and domain authority by applying non-standard SEO.

SEO is not hard with the correct knowledge and the time available.  Take advantage of the time you have available while you build your business and engage a WEB or SEO Coach to walk the journey with you.

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