Optimising Your Website For SEO & Lead Conversion

There is a symbiotic relationship between search engine optimisation and the conversion rate of websites. Implementing the finest SEO solutions helps businesses to remain competitive and increase organic traffic to successfully convert into leads. It is essential for businesses to learn how to increase SEO rankings to remain at the top of search results. This helps attract organic traffic as customers consider the first search result to be highly genuine. Moreover, both factors are crucial aspects of web designing, to determine the efficiency and traffic conversion strength of websites.

Best Ways to Increase Organic Traffic

  1. Limit the Scope - This is one of the most effective ways to increase organic traffic and successfully convert leads who visit your website. The first page of Google shows the most relevant and efficient content based on search results. There is always a choice to optimise your website for a large audience or limit the scope for optimal performance and organic visitors. This will also help brands to reach out to prospective customers due to topic-specific content. So, choose wisely.

  2. Create Converting Content - The content on the brand’s website should be enticing enough to increase organic traffic and convert them into leads. Customers need to relate with your brand’s products, services and ideas. So, it is essential to create content that successfully answers visitors’ queries and compels them to take an action directly on your website through a call to action or CTAs. Also, remember to provide them with filtering options while navigating your website.

  3. Conduct Regular Testing - Testing your website’s performance regularly is a key way to increase the conversion rate. Monitoring regularly enables one to look into all the aspects of web design, performance, hosting, and design. It is important to provide customers with an outstanding experience through your website to establish your brand’s reputation and secure a customer base effectively.

How to Increase SEO Rankings

Here are some of the finest ways to boost SEO rankings of your business website:

  1. Conduct Keyword Research - It is important to have user-specific keywords to match the intent of your customers and express your business ideas successfully. Professional assistance is essential to conduct authentic keyword research that is best suited to meet the requirements of your brand.

  2. Quicker Loading Time - How to increase SEO rankings is not only about the website’s content and intent but also how it responds to users. The website should be optimised for easy navigation, user-friendly interface, responsive design, and quicker loading time to exceed the expectations of customers and help in ranking higher and better every time.

  3. Effective Backlinking - The landing pages of websites should have eligible and high-quality backlinks in alignment with your brand’s objectives and services. This helps Google to determine the credibility of your business website and helps it to effectively increase organic traffic and virtual dominance.

  4. Mobile Website Optimisation - Brands and marketers must understand that the customer base is widely spread and their demands are constantly increasing. COVID-19 made us realize how important it is to have a digital presence to survive in this competitive market. However, a non-responsive website is good as nothing. So websites need to be optimised for all platforms and devices equally for good performance and high SEO rankings. It is important to incorporate a responsive design since all websites are accessible on smartphones. This is one of the best chances for brands to increase organic traffic.

  5. SEO-Friendly - For optimal SEO results and outstanding search engine rankings, it is important for brands to evaluate their websites for several factors. Some of these include XML sitemap, meta descriptions, meta tags, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

  6. Call to Action - Your website optimisation and search rankings mean nothing if you have not successfully incorporated a CTA into your website. A CTA plays the most important role in lead conversion because it determines how effectively you attract and increase organic traffic into customers from your landing pages and websites.


Optimising websites for high search engine rankings is a key requirement to remain competitive in today’s industry. Online presence helps you drive brand awareness campaigns better. When you focus on a specific set of audiences, it is easier to increase organic traffic by making it SEO-friendly.

While high-quality SEO helps a website rank higher in the search engines, high conversion rates come from outstanding call-to-action measures.


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